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Can I use high impedance headphones with my Kawai digital/hybrid piano?

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Kawai digital/hybrid pianos are developed to function well with headphones that have an impedance rating between 16Ω and 300Ω. It is still possible to use headphones with a higher impedance rating, however players may find that they are unable to achieve a very loud sound. Some Kawai digital/hybrid pianos include a “Headphone Volume” setting that can be to “High” to increase the headphone output level, which may be beneficial when using high impedance headphones.

For reference, the Kawai branded SH-9 headphones have an impedance rating of approximately 50Ω, and produce a sound that is comfortable and pleasing for digital and hybrid piano players of all abilities.

It’s important to note that a high impedance rating is not necessarily a measure of headphone sound quality, and that low impedance headphones are not necessarily inferior to high impedance headphones. The impedance rating is more a reflection of the amount of power required to produce a loud sound.

Kawai digital and hybrid pianos feature a range of headphone settings and adjustments, allowing players to customise the instrument’s sound to suit their personal preference. We recommend that customers experiment with these settings in order to find the optimal sound when using their preferred headphones.