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June 1, 2022

Kawai announces new ES120 portable digital piano

Kawai ES120 portable digital piano

Kawai Japan is delighted to announce the ES120, the latest addition to Kawai’s ES series of portable digital pianos, and the long-awaited successor to the extremely popular ES110.

This brand new 2022 model features an improved keyboard action, a selection of new piano sounds, enhanced Bluetooth connectivity with support for the latest Kawai apps, and a sleek, eye-catching visual redesign, delivering Kawai digital piano authenticity within an attractive, compact, and highly-portable instrument.


ES120: Main Features

- Improved Responsive Hammer Compact keyboard action with grade-weighted keys
- Authentic Shigeru Kawai SK-EX and Kawai EX grand piano sounds, full 88-key sampling
- Integrated Bluetooth MIDI and Audio for wireless communication and audio playback
- Powerful 20W stereo amplifier/speaker system, dedicated stereo Line Out connectors
- Enhanced SHS headphone sound with HP type settings, 1/4" and 1/8" Phone connectors
- Convenient built-in song recorder and metronome function with 100 rhythm patterns
- Support for Kawai’s latest PianoRemote and PiaBookPlayer apps for iOS/Android
- Stylish case design with integrated control panel, portable and strong body weighing 12 kg
- Dedicated HML-2 designer stand and F-351 triple pedal board accessories available

Kawai’s ES series of instruments are high-performance, 88-key portable digital pianos suitable for the home, stage, recital hall, or classroom. The latest ES120 features the Responsive Hammer Compact (RHC) keyboard action, which has been developed to deliver the most realistic grand piano touch possible within a compact, lightweight form factor. The ES120’s improved RH Compact action incorporates grade-weighted hammers, and utilises upgraded cushioning material that helps to reduce action noise when keys are released.

Kawai ES120 portable digital piano (Black)

This authentic keyboard action is paired with Kawai’s Harmonic Imaging piano engine, which reproduces the beautiful sound of the new Shigeru Kawai SK-EX and existing Kawai EX concert grand pianos with full 88-key stereo sampling and authentic string and damper resonances. In addition, the ES120 also features a selection of new electronic piano, strings, and bass sounds from the larger ES520, and even include a real upright sound, providing a strong variety of useful sounds for any musical occasion.

Kawai ES120 portable digital piano (Black)

The ES120 offers a variety of useful features to complement its realistic weighted-key touch and authentic grand piano sounds. Integrated Bluetooth® MIDI and Bluetooth Audio connectivity allows apps such as Kawai’s dedicated PianoRemote and PiaBookPlayer apps, or a wide range of third-party learning and recreation apps to be enjoyed wirelessly, and for music streamed from a smartphone or tablet to be played through the piano’s audio system without any additional cables.

However, wired connectivity remains strongly supported, with standard USB-MIDI and 1/4" stereo Line Out terminals providing useful options for the home, studio, and stage.

Kawai ES120 portable digital piano (Black)

The ES120’s 20W amplifier and speaker system delivers a rich, well-rounded sound with impressive volume and clarity, while the new Low Volume Balance feature is also able to adjust characteristics of the piano for optimal expression when playing at low volume levels. In addition, the advanced Spatial Headphone Sound (SHS) technology, enhances the depth and realism of sounds heard through headphones or earphones, while also helping to reduce auditory fatigue when listening for extended periods of time.

Kawai ES120 portable digital piano (Black)

The ES120 features a brand new exterior design, with the instrument’s updated control panel incorporated into an attractive polished trim line that runs the length of the keyboard. It’s stylish yet strong body weighs just 12 kg, making the ES120 an excellent choice for gigging musicians, as well as academic and religious institutions.

As with its predecessor and larger models in the ES range, the ES120 can be transformed into an ultra-compact piano replacement using the dedicated stand and triple pedal accessories. This complete package, available in Black, White, and a new Light Grey* finish, delivers a superb playing experience for the lounge, office, or bedroom, with an attractive, contemporary design to match the atmosphere and décor of almost any room.

* Availability of Light Grey finish dependent on market location.

Kawai ES120 portable digital piano (Black)

Authentic grand piano touch and tone, excellent additional sounds, an impressive speaker system, and modern, convenient features – all housed within a stylish, lightweight case.

Introducing the new ES120: At home, on stage, your music.

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