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February 6, 2024

Kawai announces new CR-45 crystal grand piano



Kawai Japan is delighted to announce the CR-45, the latest addition to Kawai’s renowned CR series of crystal grand pianos, as the successor to the CR-40A.

Since its introduction in 1971, Kawai's crystal grand pianos have attracted many people with their crystal brilliance and transparent appearance. The CR series grand pianos are widely acclaimed for their beautiful appearance and high musicality, and as a piano being played by well-known musicians.

The new CR-45 has been redesigned to further enhance the beauty of the crystal piano. In addition, the length of keys has been extended compared to the previous model, improving playability. With its unique entertainment value and overwhelming presence, the CR-45 is ideal not only as an excellent  instrument, but also as an ideal interior decoration that creates a brilliant atmosphere in special spaces such as hotel entrance halls, restaurants, and luxury cruise ships.


More beautiful and more luxurious design

In pursuit of even greater beauty, the crystal grand piano has been fully redeigned. The new transparent parts, adopted to further enhance the transparency and brilliance of the crystal piano, give a clearer and more vivid impression.

The new music stand with stepless angle adjustment, and the double casters, which give the impression of luxury and stability, have been adopted to create a luxurious specification down to the smallest detail. The beautiful styling of the crystal grand piano and Kawai's technical capabilities meet the demands of the player and create a high level of satisfaction and excitement.


Extended key length

The length of each key has been extended to make playing easier and provide more even response from the front to the back of the playing surface.


Soft-fall fallboard

Kawai's unique soft-fall system allows the fallboard to close slowly and naturally even if you accidentally release your hand when closing it. The fallboard will begin to close slowly from the open position until it is closed completely, so there is no need to worry about your hand being caught if you accidentally touch the fallboard.



Since the CR-45 is produced in limited quantities, please contact your local Kawai dealer/distributor for availability and other detailed information.


 About Kawai

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