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July 20, 2022

ES520 portable digital piano software update v1.22 released

Software Update v1.22 ES520 portable digital piano.

Kawai Japan has issued a software update for the ES520 portable digital pianos.

This recommended v1.22 software update resolves an issue with the instrument's USB-MIDI port, whereby the device would sometimes not be detected correctly by the computer, or would require the ES520 to be turned on before being connected to the computer in order to be detected successfully.

The full ES520 software update changelog is shown below:

V1.22 (July 2022)

- Changed: USB-MIDI device ID initialisation priority changed.

V1.21 (January 2022)
- Fixed: Recording and playing Dual mode performance could alter Registration memory data.

V1.11 (April 2021)
- Fixed: Notes could sustain indefinitely in certain circumstances when using the F-10H damper pedal.

V1.10 (October 2020)
- Added: Support for PianoRemote app.
- Added: Support for PiaBookPlayer app.

V1.00 (March 2020)
- First production version.

ES520 owners are encouraged to update their instrument to use this latest software.

The software update file and accompanying update instructions can be downloaded from the support sections of the ES520 product page, or the software updates page of the Kawai Global website, accessible via the following URLs:

If customers have any questions regarding the update process for their digital piano, they may wish to seek assistance by contacting Kawai Japan via the Enquiry form.