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September 19, 2018

CS11/CS8 & CA97/CA67 Digital Piano software update v1.10 released

Kawai Japan has issued a software update for the CS11/CS8 and CA97/CA67 digital pianos.

This recommended v1.10 update addresses bugs related to MIDI functionality, while also fixing the playback of monaural MP3 files, and is recommended for all customers.

The full update changelog is shown below:

v1.10 (September 2018)

– Fixed: Key-off velocity could unintentionally be detected as 0.
– Fixed: Transmitting and receiving MIDI events simultaneously could cause a freeze.
– Fixed: Transmitting MIDI events could fail in some rare cases.
– Fixed: Transmitting Note Off MIDI events of Lower section keyboard (Split mode) would fail if Multi-timbre Mode is set to ON1 or ON2.
– Fixed: Renaming/Deleting a “One Registration” file stored on a USB memory device was not possible.
– Fixed: Monaural MP3 files stored on a USB memory device could not be played back correctly.

CS11/CS8 and CA97/CA67 owners are encouraged to update their instruments to use this latest software version.
We also recommend that users backup any user-created recordings before applying the update.

The software update and update instructions can be downloaded from the ‘Software Updates’ page of the Kawai Global website at the following URL:

Note that Kawai software updates are cumulative, i.e. the v1.10 update includes any fixes and improvements provided with all previous versions.