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August 30, 2022

AnyTime ATX4 & AURES AR2 hybrid pianos software update v2.12 released

AURES AR2/AnyTime ATX4 hybrid   piano - Software Update v2.12

Kawai Japan has issued a software update for the AnyTime ATX4 and AURES AR2 hybrid pianos.

This recommended v2.12 software update resolves issues with the AURES' DSP being set incorrectly at startup, as well as preventing the Sostenuto pedal setting (enabled at startup on AnyTime/AURES upright models) from being stored to memory.

The full AnyTime ATX4/AURES AR2 software update changelog is shown below:


V2.12 (August 2022)

- Fixed: Bug relating to AURES DSP data not being selected correctly at start-up.
- Fixed: Changing the Soft pedal to Sostenuto pedal (at start-up) is no longer stored in memory, and reset at power off.
- Improved: Prevent the power from being turned off while storing data to memory.

V2.10 (January 2022)
- Added: GX-5 support.

V2.08 (October 2021)
- Fixed: Bug related to switching between Piano and Sound screens in PianoRemote app.

V2.06 (September 2021)
- Added: GX-3 support.

V2.05 (September 2021)
- Added: K-15, K-600, K-800 support.

V2.04 (July 2021)
- Added: K-200 support.

V1.09 (December 2020)
- First production version.

AnyTime ATX4/AURES AR2 owners are encouraged to update their instrument to use this latest software.

The software update file and accompanying update instructions can be downloaded from the support sections of the AnyTime ATX4 and AURES AR2 product pages, or the software updates page of the Kawai Global website, accessible via the following URLs:

If customers have any questions regarding the update process for their hybrid piano, they may wish to seek assistance by contacting Kawai Japan via the Enquiry form.