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April 13, 2017

Notice and Apology Regarding Possible Leakage of Personal Information

Kawai Musical Inst. Mfg. Co., Ltd. (hereinafter Kawai) have found that the personal information on the official website ( of the 1st Shigeru Kawai International Piano Competition (hereafter the Competition) operated by Kawai was accessible from the outside.  Kawai and the Competition committee both tender the deepest apologies to the applicants to the Competition and all other relevant parties for the concern and inconvenience this has caused.


 1. Background

On Thursday, April 6th, 2017, Kawai received a report through the customer consultation room that personal information on the Competition website can be browsed with an abnormal specific manipulation.  Upon receipt of the report, Kawai investigated this matter and confirmed that the personal information of the applicants can be browsed from outside by doing the same operation.  Soon after that, Kawai stopped their website server immediately, and made necessary program correction of the Competition website for preventing the possible leakage.  At this moment, any damage and/or illegal usage of the information have not been reported.


2. Period for possible leakage

From January 11th, 2017 till 9:10 on April 6th, 2017 (Japan Time)


3. Contents of Personal Information

- Target : 260 applicants applied online through the Competition official website

- Contents : Applicant’s photo and ID data (Drivers’ license, Passport, etc.)


4. Response to Applicants

Kawai will send out e-mail or letter with apology and notification to the affected applicants individually.


5. Future Measures

Kawai have been making every effort to handle the personal information of the customers properly and securely, and deeply regret that such a problem occurred.  Taking this situation seriously, Kawai will take all possible measures against personal information protection based on their company policies, Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related guidelines, and try their best not to repeat the same trouble.