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Neil Sedaka

Instrument : KG-3

Neil Sedaka continues to entertain multi-generational audiences of up to 20,000 people. Illustrative of the ongoing respect he enjoys within the industry, he recently served as the celebrity judge on the hit TV series American Idol. For many of his most important stage performances, Sedaka uses a Kawai KG-3 Plexiglass Grand Piano, which appeals strongly to his seasoned instincts as a showman. “People going to cabarets and nightclubs want more than a beautiful sound,” he explains. “They want a visual treat as well. Visually, my Kawai shows up very well on stage, and it lights beautifully.”

Sedaka actually owns two KG-3s. He purchased the instruments in the 1980s after hearing that Ray Charles and several other artists were using them to great effect in their stage shows. “Kawai has a wonderful reputation,” he says. “They make a very respected instruments.”