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Michelle Tumes

Instrument : MP9000

Singer and pianist Michelle Tumes may have traveled a long way from her native Australia to make her stunning American debut at the age of 26, but she has remained  close to her roots in classical piano and Christianity. "Listen," Ms. Tumes first album, which Billboard magazine calls "fresh, heartfelt, and awash in soothing sounds," showcases Ms. Tumes' considerable musical talents.  Produced by Dove Award-winning Charlie Peacock and mixed by David Leonard (Shawn Colvin, Indigo Girls), the project combines Ms. Tumes' ethereal vocals, inspired lyric and lavish musical arrangements to evoke a peaceful, flowing sound.

Ms. Tumes played her first Kawai piano as a teen-ager, attending a music conservatory, and she's been hooked ever since.  "I love the tonal character of the Kawai," she said.  "Whenever I can, I use a Kawai on the road.