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John-Paul Kaplan

Originally from Chicago, Illinois, John-Paul Kaplan is a one of a kind entertainer. Audiences, clients, and fans are always thrilled by the versatility, captivating arrangements and professionalism of this young pianist and composer. Kaplan, through the inspiration of his family, began studying the piano at the age of seven. He studied classical music with Doreen DeZur and jazz with Mark Streder. He was an outstanding pianist for his age, achieving top honors on the piano competition circuit.

He has performed for such celebrities as Roger Williams, B.B. King, Ramsey Lewis, Harold Ramis, Vanessa Williams, Goran Visnic, and Tony Bennett, among many others. Kaplan has been entertaining audiences since 1996. He has performed at parties, hotels, churches, and other public and private events, traveling throughout the country performing in different cities.


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