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Joe Yamada

Instrument : RX-7

Fans describe Joe Yamada's music as “enthralling,” "romantic," "inspiring," "beautiful," and "relaxing." Whether its live from a concert stage or streaming from online music sites such as Pandora and iTunes, this Seattle area composer has been sharing his solo piano music with the world for over a decade.

“Joe Yamada’s music shines directly from his essence...a kind and soulful man, with a loving touch. He plays thoughtful, understated music, but still stands out from the crowd!”
-- David Lanz, Grammy Nominated Pianist

"Joe Yamada’s playing is expressive and colorful without being flashy. The 'flash' is in the sincerity of the music and how it communicates from one soul to the next."
-- Kathy Parsons,

"Yamada's melodies will be singing in your head long after you shut off the music. It is sure to warm your heart, inspire your spirit & grace your soul with peace. Just take a listen!"
-- Joe Bongiorno, Piano Haven Studio


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