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Joe Bongiorno

"Glass of wine & candlelight music"... perfectly describes the intimate melodies of award winning Seattle based solo pianist - composer Joe Bongiorno, a Kawai piano artist.

After abandoning his classical training as a child, Joe returned to the piano in his late 20's and discovered a wonderful channel of
peace & emotional release. All of Joe's solo piano recordings are self produced at his Piano Haven Recording Studio.

Into the Wind will thrill Joe Bongiorno’s fans… smooth and melodic with an undercurrent of passion, conveying an array of emotions and experiences, his best work yet!”
– Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano

“Mesmerized surrounds the listener with such irresistible, serene melodies that it would be difficult to not fall under the music’s spell. Bongiorno’s carefully nuanced playing flows effortlessly throughout the album’s entirety, perfect for late night piano lovers.”
– Bill Binkelman, New Age Retailer

“Joe's CD 'Destined' indeed qualifies as an album of timeless beauty. If there were music in the Garden of Eden, this might well be it!” – David Nevue, Whisperings Solo Piano Radio


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