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Instrument : GX-2 grand piano

Grandbrothers are the sum of unique parts: Progressive Swiss engineer/mechanic/sofware designer Vogel and German-Turkish pianist Sarp. Their albums twins Sarp’s piano skills with Vogel’s talent for both building the formidably intricate mechanics with which he exploits his partner’s instrument and also designing its software. Sarp works at his keyboard while; from behind his own computer keys, Vogel live-samples his partner’s notes, triggering further effects with the aid of homemade apparatus that physically manipulate the piano’s strings and body. Grandbrothers’ technically innovative, thrillingly distinctive work: two ingenious minds, perfectly in tune, relentlessly exploring new ideas.

"We've had the privilege of playing live on different Kawai grand pianos. Because of our slightly more complex setup, which always takes some time, we have to be able to rely on the grand piano, its playability, and the mood. This was the case for all Kawai instruments we played so far. In the studio we also use a GX-2, which impresses us with its playability and warmth and inspires us while composing. Thank you for everything so far, we look forward to working with Kawai more in the future."

Instruments: GX-2 grand piano, VPC1 virtual piano controller