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Christine Brown

Instrument : RX-7

A gifted solo pianist and composer, Christine's music is a unique blend of contemporary/new age with a classical influence. Her latest CD, "Souvenirs" has been awarded Best Piano Album of the Year 2014 by Whisperings Solo Piano Radio. Previous albums have received numerous nominations and accolades, and her music can be heard worldwide, featured on Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, Muzak, cable and satelite channels.

Christine discovered her love for the piano at an early age. School years were spent accompanying vocal groups and taking piano lessons. While earning a business degree at the University of Colorado, she was inspired by the new age genre of solo piano, but never studied music or composition. Years later, Christine rediscovered her passion for the piano, immersing herself in her music after the loss of her mother in 1990. She began composing, using the piano to voice her emotions, releasing heartfelt compositions that captured listeners.

" I am always deeply impressed by the grace, emotion and beauty that Christine brings to her music. Sometimes joyful, sometimes melancholy, often reflective, and always beautiful, Christine delivers some of the best of what the solo piano genre has to offer .A mixture of passion, exceptional playing chops and an abundance of grace consistently puts her music in a category of its own. The pieces express a wide range of emotions and experiences with depth, sincerity and an elegant touch."– Kathy Parsons,

"In the genre of music (contemporary solo piano) where there is so much similarity between artists, Christine Brown stands out. Her neo-classical twists are ear catching and pleasantly reminiscent of a time in the not too distant past when piano music was such that to truly appreciate it, you needed to absorb it slowly like a fine wine. And of her album, The Wishing Well, I must say it's sublime."
– David Nevue, Founder and Director, Whisperings Solo Piano Radio.

”Christine Brown is the real deal....her music is vibrant, colorful and full of life. Skilled at the art of blending chords and note progressions into beautiful aural tapestries, her music is at once a welcome retreat from the mundane and ordinary. Her emotions come through her music... and through her music, she is able to reach out and touch the hearts of millions of appreciative piano music fans." – Richard Waterman, Founder


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