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Brad Jacobsen

Instrument : RX-7

While Brad doesn’t recall asking to take piano lessons, at the age of 8 he found himself doing just that. While he had wonderful teachers, as an overly-imaginative child Brad found the rigidity of piano lessons frustrating. However, with his parents’ promise of “you’ll thank us later” he stuck with it into his mid-teens.

Around the age of 15 Brad finally discovered music. He stumbled across artists like David Lanz, Kurt Bestor, and despite the quizzical looks from friends, Yanni. “These artists helped me realize the connection between emotions and music."

Brad released what he considers his first official album of solo piano music – “Road Home," which was recorded at Piano Haven studios in Kenmore, Washington. In August of 2011, Brad was added as a new artist to Whisperings, Solo Piano Radio. Brad’s personal songwriting approach is to strive to find a way to emotionally connect with his listener, rather than technically impress.


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