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November 26, 2015

ES8 Portable Digital Piano software update v1.05 released

Kawai Japan has issued a software update for the ES8 Portable Digital Piano.

This recommended v1.05 update addresses an issue that could prevent the correct playback of MIDI files from USB memory, while also improving and fixing status information shown in the LCD display.

The full v1.05 update changelog is shown below:

- Fixed: Some rare SMF files could not be played correctly.

- Improved: The selected sound name is now briefly shown while using Rhythm Section mode.
- Fixed: A-B repeat playing did not indicate the correct bar location in some rare cases.
- Fixed: Changing the rhythm style while the intro is playing no longer causes the count-in to disappear.


ES8 owners are encouraged to update their instruments to use this latest software version.  We also recommend that users backup any user-created Registration/Startup settings before applying the update.

The software update and update instructions can be downloaded from the ‘Software Updates’ page of the Kawai Global website at the following URL:

Note that Kawai software updates are cumulative, i.e. the v1.05 update includes any fixes and improvements provided with all previous versions.